Our Story

In 2007 we opened our first store front in Loreto. Since then we have slowly but surely grown by maintaining our standards of service, excellence and outstanding value. This year is no different – and we’d like to take an opportunity to thank you for making our last 10 years so amazing. We truly appreciate each customer and love it when folks come back year after year. They too are part of our Sea and Land Family.

Our Mission

We want our guest to have the opportunity to discover and enjoy this amazing corner of the world. Loreto Baja Calfiornia Sur is located on the Baja Peninsula. It is surrounded by the Sierra de la Giganta Mountains and is part of the Southern end of the Sonoran Desert. It resides on the shores of the Sea of Cortez. The cultural history, and biodiversity of this area is fairly overwhelming. The best way to enjoy Loreto is via guided tours, where Loreto is your base camp to come back to each night after a day spent touring with our company and fantastic guides.

The Team "El Equipo"

The staff here at Sea and Land are what really make out trips unique. Each guide, or captain bring something special to the table. We have English speaking naturalist guides, and seasoned veteran fisherman to ensure each adventure on the Sea of Cortez is a success. There is also a large number of folks behind the trips. They do everything from helping coordinate logistics, to preparing home-made Mexican specialties for the trips. We are tremendously grateful to all of them and so happy to be a positive influence in this local economy.

Juvenal "Juve" Orozco

Owner, guia, dive insturctor, superman
When guest first meet Juve (Who-vay), they have a hard time remembering his name. However, by the end of the trip they've got it down! With the last 16 years guiding and diving here in Loreto, and a lifetime of exploring and surviving along the Baja Peninsula, he's your guide. Folks quickly learn that the three things they need to survive by sea or land are: Juve, Juve, and Juve.

Sara "Sarita" Cartwright Orozco

Co owner, guide, dive insturctor
Sara is a native of Fair Oaks, California with a degree in Environmental Science and Education. She also has many years working in the outdoor industry. Her list of talents include: Kayaking Instructor, PADI dive instructor, Environmental Education Specialist. She first came down to Loreto as a kayaking guide for Sea Trek Kayaking and SUP center trip and well, the rest is history.

Brizzia Orozco

logistics, catering, chofer
The apple does not fall far from the tree in this family. Brizzia like her father (Juve) is only happy when she's working. If you love the food on our trips, she's the one to thank. She's up early every morning preparing the lunches. Often this is after working grave-yard shift as a nurse at the local Loreto hospital.

Hector Orozco

Guide, logistics, chofer
Hector is Juve's oldest son and we don't know what we'd do without him! In his "free time" he's launching trips, guiding trips or preparing for trips. He's the grease that keeps this machine going. The rest of the year students are lucky enough to have him as their 6th grade teacher at the local school.

Gabriela Leyva

Office Admin, angel
You'll find Gabby at our office location ready to set you up with your activities while here in Loreto. Her English still needs work, but her Spanish is excellent. With her friendly manner, and gift for organization you vacation is in good hands with Gabby.

Jordan "El Rojo" Kimbriel

Compressor Guru, logistics
Who is the local expert on all things Loreto and everything else under the sun? Why Jordan of course! We are lucky to have someone on board with us that can fix an air-compressor, a rubix cube, and if we're lucky bless us with one of his crazy jokes in either English or Spanish.

Gali Higuera Flores

Guide, logistics, chofer
If you ask for this Loretano (Loreto native) by his real name, you'll probably just get a lot of blank stares. However ask anyone in town for Gali and they'll know exactly who you are talking about. Gali is an amazing all around guide. From hiking, snorkeling, or fishing he can show you how to have fun in Loreto!

Jose "Tequilla" Davis

Capitan, Cowboy
With a nickname like that you know you're going to have a great time with this captain! Even though his English isn't so great, his sweet easy going nature, and positive attitude are universally understood. Not only is Tequila a great captain on the water he's also one of Loreto's most respected vaqueros (cowboys).


Guide, Chofer
Francisco is a native of the small town of Assuntion Bay. After many years working up North in Canada, he returned back to the warmth of his Baja Sur. When he's not guiding our tours he's quite the crooner, if you're lucky he'll sing you a song.

Tony Davis

Fishing Captain
Tony always manages to have the inside scoop. Which is great for fishing. He's always up to date on the bait situation and where everyone's catching. He's also a really sweet guy and as it turns out a fantastic actor.


Indalecio is a man of many talents. Fishing guru, whale expert, cowboy and guide. You name it and he'll be glad to take on any challenge and does his best to make each trip a success. We really appreciate his dedication and his great sense of humor.

Daniel Esquivel

Guide, Captain
Having grown up in Loreto, Daniel brings an interesting perspective to his tours. Incredibly knowlageble about the Sea of Cortez, and the Desert that meets it your sure to learn a lot with Daniel.

The kids "Los ninos"

Whats a small family business without a few ninos right? These future guides can do almost anything! Diving, snorkeling, hiking, bird watching,driving the boat, fishing, you name it they’ve got it down!! The best part is they bring to the table that wonder and sense of excitement that so many of us adults have forgotten.

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