Getting To Loreto, Loreto Sea and Land Tours

These two can show you the "scenic route"


There are many ways to get to Loreto.  From Mules, to motorcycles.  The purpose of this page is to provide up to date information about how to get from the States to Loreto, Baja California Sur.  We hope this aids you in your journey south.

"And you may ask yourself, "Well. How did I get here?" David Byrne, Talking Heads "Once in a Lifetime.

Getting to Loreto (or anywhere in Mexico these days)

The following Bloody Decks article has some good news for those who would like to vacation in Mexico.  Lets hope things work out!  Article HERE



Alaska flight 244 from Los Angeles to Loreto Thursday, Friday, Saturday Sunday. Flight leaves at 10am and arrives 1:10pm.  The return flight is at 2:12 pm and arrives to Los Angeles at 3:12 pm ( actually its a 2 hour flight but we are 1 hour ahead in mountain time).  The plane is a Boeing 737.


Westjet flys from Calgary to Loreto weekly between December 12, 2015 to May 28, 2016.  The plane is a Boeing 737.


Aerocalafia is a wonderful airline that flies throughout North-Western Mexico.  On Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday you can catch a flight from Loreto to Tijuana, dep 12:35pm - arrive 1:20pm.  The return flight is the same days departure at 1:50pm from Tijuana and arrive to Loreto 4:35pm.  Wondering how to safely cross the border from Tijuana to San Diego? Greyhound Bus Services offers the Crucero Line which is a shuttle system that takes folks over hourly.  From the border you can take the Red Line trolley to the Santa Fe Train Station in San Diego.  You can either get on Amtrak there, or take the bus to the San Diego Airport (8min ride).  When coming from San Diego to Tijuana I have found it is far quicker to walk over the border and take a taxi to the airport.  Don't worry, the taxis have a designated area and drivers are in yellow shirts and wearing badges.  Traveling this area in the middle of the afternoon has (so far) never been an issue for us or our friends. 

Some of our clients have also starting using Uber from the San Diego Airport to the Cross Border Express bridge that leads to the Tijuana airport.  Proof of ticket and passport are required.  There is also long term parking on the San Diego side but reports say it is limited.


Greyhound Crucero line:  Partnership with Volaris Airlines shuttle service over the border.  Also may be known as "Ticketon"

San Diego has a wonderful public transit system as well:


The bus lines in Mexico are the most popular form of long distance travel within the country.  That being said bus lines are very comfortable, modern, and frequent.  The stations (overall) are clean, modern, and usually have food.  The larger bus stations look very much like modern airports (just buses not planes).  The average time for a bus from Tijuana to Loreto is 16 hours.

There are two main bus lines that run from Tijuana all the way down to Los Cabos. They are Aguila, and ABC