Notes for Cruisers visiting Loreto, B.C.S.

Yes we offer day tours for folks visiting by cruise ship to Loreto B.C.S.


Are you visiting Loreto for just one day by Cruise Ship? If so we have certain "must do" activities to suggest for you and your friends to enjoy. Below you will find many answers to questions cruisers often have. When you book with us please be sure to let us know in the comments you are coming via cruise ship. We'll have special meeting arrangements and start times.

The tenders take you to Loretos only Marina.  There, by the lighthouse, we have a booth that has our logo on it and we’ll have a list of names (yours should be on it if you booked with us).  From there we can see you to your trip.  

Yes of course we can wait for you.  If you have a booking with us we will know to wait for you.  Often times folks get there early and have to wait for us!

In the days before your tour you should receive an email with a link to pay your balance.  You can do so AFTER checking our update page to confirm that the weather is looking good the day of your tour (if a boat tour).  If for some reason the link does not work properly you can pay the balance by card or cash at our booth the day of the tour.  Please note: you will need cash for your Marine Park Entry fees ($5 each).

Yes we can.  We have traditional Mexican pangas with shade, storage, new four stroke motors and they are fully permitted to operate in the Park.  They have capacities from 7-19 folks.  All can be utilized for diving.

We also have 5 vans that can hold up to 12 folks (comfortably). 


Enjoy these day tours year round (weather permitting) when visiting Loreto Baja California Sur.

Come explore this jewel in the Sea of Cortez

Coronados Island Day Tour

Daily island tours from Loreto Baja California Sur

Daily tours, Year Round

San Javier Desert and Mission Tour

Travel back in time to learn about the original Californians

Explora la Sierra De La Giganta

Hiking Tours




Please visit the information page for each of these tours to see if you will be visiting during the season. Please note: Late January-mid February is still the early season for Blue Whales and we can't guarantee we'll see them (but weather permitting we can still enjoy a lovely day on the water) Grey Whale Tours leave as close to 8 am as possible and are back between 4 pm-4:30pm PLEASE make sure this works for your tender schedule.

Late Jan- Mid March 2019

Blue Whale Watching Tours

Blue Whale Watching, Loreto Baja California Sur

Mid Jan-March 2019

Grey Whale Watching Tours

Grey Whale Tours in Magdelena Bay, BCS

July-Nov peak season

Sea of Cortez Dive Tours

World Class Diving in the Sea of Cortez



Please contact us if you have any other questions regarding tours on cruise ship days or if you'd like to arrange for a specialty tour or large group booking.