Observe the magnificent Blue Whale on the Sea of Cortez from Loreto B.C.S.

2+ People Jan 10-Mar 15 food included 8am-1:30pm

Blue Whale Watching Tours in the Loreto National Marine Park

Whale-watching tours from Loreto are a world-class experience. Every Spring, the Loreto National Marine Park hosts the most giant creatures on earth, Blue Whales. On this tour we can also see Fin Whales, Humpbacks, dolphins, mantas, and other wildlife. We provide tours on traditional Mexican pangas with new motors, radios, shade, and dry storage. Boats are permitted to take anywhere from 7-19 passengers

When is the best time to see the Blue Whales Near Loreto?

That is the million dollar question. Unfortunately we don't know their exact schedule (and they certainly do not know ours otherwise they'd be here during Christmas and Spring Break right?) Traditionally the whales are here from the early weeks of February to about the middle of March. However In 2023, and 2024 the Blue Whales were with us from Jan 11th to about March 5th. January and early February can windy time of year so please let us know if you have availability on other days during your stay. If not we can refund 20% of your deposit should we cancel due to weather. Please note that departure days do not count. If you are flying out, or need to leave early do not book that day.

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Safety First

All of our boats are fully permitted to operate in Mexican waters and the National Marine Park. For the last 11 years, we have acquired our Whale Watching Permits from CONAP. Each boat is equipped with: life jackets, radios, emergency beacons, New 4-stroke motors, professional captain.

Wildlife Viewing

Along with seeing the largest creatures on earth, we also may see Fin Whales, Humpbacks, dolphins, mantas and other wildlife on this tour.

Lunch included

No "box lunch" here! Freshly prepared Mexican specialties (ex: Burritos, Empanadas, or Tamales), fresh veggies, and fruit. We can accommodate dietary restrictions and most requests with ample notification.


Each year the whales "settle" in a different part of the park. Sometimes to the North, and sometimes to the South. Some weeks the trips are shorter since the whales are closer, other times the trips are longer as we need to go out farther to find them. Thank you for your understanding.

Be Sure To Bring

Sunscreen, Sunglasses, extra snacks, Camera, batteries, and warm layers. All Boats have shade and dry storage on board.

Tour Includes

Food, drinks, necessary equipment. Not included: gratuity to captain or guide, National Marine Park entry fees (116 MXN) can be purchased in cash at our office or at the Marina.

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Trip Itinerary

Tours begin early to take advantage of low light angles (easier to see spouts) and smooth water.

8:00 AM -Meet at Marina
We meet at the Blue Whale statue by the Loreto Marina.
8:00-9:00 AM- Travel to observation area
Travel to area where the whales have settled for the season. We’ll also be looking for dolphins, birds, and turtles along the way.
9:00-12:30 PM- Whale Watching
Observing dolphins, Fin Whales, Mantas, Humpback Whales and Blues.
1 PM- Lunch
IF we are near a beach on any of the islands on route to the whales, we can stop here for lunch and exploration. This is not guaranteed as the purpose of the tour is to go see the whales.
1:30 pm
Head back when folks would like to leave. (P.S. If you do stay for an extended time please don’t forget to tip the catptain extra.
"I really appreciate how repsectful your captains were while showing us the whales. They too love these amazing creatures and you can tell that they didn't want to disturb them"
Boulder City, CO


It is AMAZING the footage a drone can take of whales.  Scientists have gained so much information (learn about the “snot bot” here) without molesting these beautiful creatures.  Who drones do bother are folks on other boats who have come from all over the world to witness these amazing creatures.  If you have a drone you MUST advise us and arrange for a private tour ahead of time AND have permission from the Marine Park. We are NOT allowed to fly drones within the Marine Park without permission. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

"This is why I come back each year. The peacefulness, the scenery and the whales. Just magical"
Calgary, Canada


Feb 05-Mar 15th

Blue and Grey Whale Watching

One day Blue Whales on the Sea of Cortez, Another day Grey Whale watching. The perfect way to see the best that Baja has to offer. Book each tour for the day you'd like to go and be sure to use the voucher code "whale" for a discount. Please have flexible days as we may cancel Blues for wind, and have a 4 person minimum for Grey Whale tours.

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