Answers to some common questions


We suggest booking with us once you have your plane tickets and accomodations in order. If booking a water activity (especially Nov-Feb) let us know what days you have flexible in case of windy weather. We love bookings in advance however walk-ins are of course welcome.

What to Bring

For any activity in Loreto you should probably bring hat, sunglasses, layers, camera, plenty of batteries, and a bag or backpack for personal items. Our tours provide drinks, food, and snacks so you only need personal items or addtional food. Be sure to have cash on hand to purchase Marine Park entry fees and for gratuity.

Cruise Ships

Loreto recieves about 15 ships a year. We have Cruise Ships visiting the following dates: Jan 25, Feb 1, 8, March 28, April 17, 25, November 29, December 12, 13, 14 and 27th. If you are booking tours and coming by ship we meet you the day of your tour at the Loreto Marina.

Questions About Our Tours

Our tours are full service and you only need to bring your personal items. Depending on the time of year you are here we can suggest which activities are best during your stay. Pick ups can also be arranged if you are staying out of town.

In a typical year the Blue Whales are in the Sea of Cortez late January to mid/late March. Unfortunately whales do not cater to our Spring Break or Christmas schedule.

In mid January- mid February you can see the squeaky new born baby Grey Whales playing with thier mammas.  Its a real treat to get to witness this time in their lives.  Mid Feb-April babies are growing and becoming more independent.  The chances of friendly behavior are increased as they get older.

If you can take the heat the end of July to November is when the water is clear and warm (85-90 F), however year round we always have a huge variety of fish and invertebrates to see.  Feb-mid April the vis is typically pretty aweful and we don’t suggest diving during those months.  We want to be honest for folks, its no fun taking your money and its no fun being cold either!!

Yes we do but it depends on the tour and the direction we are heading.  When you book please let us know the hotel you are staying at and we can help with arrangements.

Yup.  Many folks have a nickname that folks know them by for reasons they earned or reasons no one can explain.  In a town where 50% of the male population is named Jose, nicknames are a necessity.  They are usually not too complimentary, so if your guide isn’t offering an explanation, maybe just leave it at that.

Yes.  We would be happy to set you up with an online course and when you come to Loreto do your pool and open water work.

Yes! Tipping is a standard practice and very much appreciated.  While there’s a huge range as to how much to tip, 10-15% of your trips total is a safe bet (for the fisherman, fish from the catch that day while appreciated, doesn’t count).

Yes.  On the days that we have ships in Port (all 11 days) we meet guest at the Loreto Marina.  We’ll have a booth with our logo on it.

Nope.  It is forbidden to dive or snorkel with Whales (or dolphins for that matter) in Mexican waters.  It all works out though because when the whales are here, the water is so full of algae it would be near impossible to see them.  

In order to fly a drone in the Loreto Bay National Marine Park, you must have permission from the park to do so.  This is often only granted for folks doing research or filming for documentaries and such.

Mexico follows the rule of “thanks no tanks” when it comes to spearfishing.  All spearfishing activity is by free diving and outside the park boundaries.  

No we do not.  Our boats are 25-32 foot pangas and there is very little room for a bathroom onboard (especially in the summer when its warm it would be awful).  We do have portapotty situations and folks can take turns holding up a sarong for privacy or gentleman can go off the back end of the boat.  Our 19 passenger boat does have a little bathroom closet, so if you are with a group that is an option as well. 

We have the largest tour vessels in all of Loreto.  Our boats are permitted for 7-19 passengers and we can easily accommodate large groups.  

Questions About Loreto, Mexico

Founded in 1697 Loreto Baja Calfiornia was once the Captiol of all the Californias. The El Camino Real starts here and ends in Sonoma California Norte. The population is between 15,000-18,000 people and its main economy once was fishing and ranching but now is mostly based on toursim.

 Loreto is an incredibly safe town and is great for folks who are visiting Mexico for the first time.  You can wander the streets and explore resturants and shops no worries.  The biggest issue would be time-share salesman “coyotes”.  If they are pushy at all please report them to the tourism office.  We strongly suggest buying tours from licensed tour operators and not someone on the street. 

The desert landscapes sun and heat as well as remoteness can be dangerous.  If you are here between the months of May-October be ready for lots of sun.

In most circumstances yes.  Fruits and veggies are fresh and in town it’s been our experience that the food is fine in any resturant or taco stand we frequent (and I have a delicate stomach).  Larger resorts tend to have more instances of food related issues than small local restaurants or store bought goods.  If you are here in the fall and we’ve had a major flood, then maybe avoid raw veggies and fruits at restaurants, but they don’t typically serve them then.  In the late fall and winter if its been windy for a few days, maybe avoid the seafood cause it obviously hasn’t been caught recently.  Otherwise feel free to eat as you would anywhere else.

Goodness yes, and they’ll think your crazy if you don’t think they put filtered ice cubes in your water.  The water here in Loreto is fine for cooking or brushing your teeth and such.  Filtered drinking water and ice is provided by most hotels and resturants.

Not necessarily. If you are staying in Loreto town most everything is within walking distance.  Some hotels such as the Santa Fe, Hacienda Suites or some rentals are on the outskirts and it would be a 10 minute walk into town but otherwise no.  everything is pretty centerally located.  We offer bicycles for rent if folks want to get around a little bit more.

If you rent a car check your tires, spare and repair kit.  Make sure you have food and water onboard when you leave town.  

Still Have Questions?