Deposits for trips are refundable 80% when canceled two weeks (or more) in advance with legitimate proof of canceled trip (hotel, airline ticket, etc.) Tours are also 80% refundable (or can be rescheduled) should Sea and Land cancel due to weather conditions. For tours rescheduled by the client less than 12 hours in advance, we charge a percentage for staffing and food.  Deposits are per person and non-transferable. Rescheduling in lieu of canceling is encouraged.


Please don’t.  We are a small local company that hires many local captains, workers, food providers, etc.  Each trip is the product of scheduling, coordinating, and preparation hours.  Cancellations cost us quite a lot of money, plus missed work for others.  So please do not be offended or feel we are harsh with our policy. 

Know Before You Go

Every day Mother Nature gives us something different. The best way to enjoy Baja California Sur is to be open to what those gifts might be that day/moment and take advantage of that. Based on their knowledge of the winds, currents, local conditions, etc., we trust our guides and captains to take guests to the best fishing grounds, beaches, snorkel sites, landmarks, etc. Please do not be disappointed if these places may not be the same as one may have read about or seen online. Also, please be aware that the assigned captain's English skills vary on our fishing and smaller Blue Whale and Island tours. We feel that it's more important to hire experienced captains who are lovely people and know the local waters. Suppose you have comments about a trip or truly feel the tour you took is significantly not the one you signed up for. Of course, this is disappointing and not what anyone wants. We are happy to receive feedback and work with you and your guide to resolve the issue. However, full refunds for full tours is not our policy. You agree to this when participating in a tour. Thank you very much for your understanding.